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The USS Remora, also known as SS-487 (fancy) was what is known as a trench class submarine (have a look at the next post for trench class submarine) as a part of the United States Navy.

Briefly, the Remora is a fish with a suctorial disk on its head that enables it to cling onto both other fish as well as to ships. The USS Remora (SS-487) was laid down into the depths of the ocean on March 5th 1945 from the Portsmith Navy Yard (Maine). From there a couple of months later on in July (July 12) she was launched.

With Commander Robert Sellars the man with the command, leading the charge. USS Remora was commissioned on the 3rd of January in 1946, and served almost 30 years of service for the United States Navy before being decommissioned onĀ 29 October 1973.