Windows usually look easy to clean. They’re panes of glass, and a little effort, a little water, and a good cloth are all you need. At least, that’s how most people see these things. The truth is a bit more complicated because stains on glass can be very persistent.

Kitchen windows can be peculiar challenges. Think about it. There are a lot of ways they can get stained. As you cook, food material might splatter. Oil that’s being heated sometimes “bounces” out of the pan and might get on the window.

Food-related stains can be very challenging to remove. This is before you get into something like hard water stains. These tend to be more common in bathrooms, but it isn’t impossible in kitchens.

Fortunately, we’re here. Here are some tips on how to get those stains out of your kitchen kitchens designer range of kitchens windows.

First, consider a professional first. Having a crew of professionals to tackle the cleaning job is always a good idea. Most of the time, you’ll find companies that do all the windows in the home. Other times, you’ll find one that specializes in cleaning kitchens, windows included. Choose what works for you.

Finding someone who only does kitchen windows is hard. I’m pretty sure they don’t exist because it’s too focused a field. Having someone come in and do all your windows is what I’d recommend unless you feel like getting a general cleaning of the kitchen.

If you’re not particularly keen on professionals or feel like doing it yourself, use vinegar.

You’ll need hot water and white distilled vinegar. A measuring cup, funnel, spray bottle, and cloth can come in handy too. You might also consider having dish soap handy.

Combine one part vinegar and one part hot water. Continue in this proportion until you have the spray bottle full or you have enough to do the job.

Test it on the spot. Spray a small amount to see if the solution removes the grime and grease. If you’re looking at more oil than normal, pre-washing the window with dish soap would be good. The mixture will come after.

If it works, start from the top. Spray the mix over a small area at the top of the pane. Avoid too much, because you don’t want the mixture to drip before it can get the job done. Let that sit for a minute or two, and don’t cook anything during this process.

After you’ve given it a bit of time, start wiping the solution away. First, go horizontal (left to right) and then vertical (top to bottom) until everything is wiped away. Repeat if necessary. Work with small areas at a time, rather than trying to cover the whole window at once.

It can take time, but it’s an excellent way to get rid of grime and grease.

For hard water stains, you can also try soaking the cloth in vinegar and using that to wipe them away. It breaks those stains down faster. Scrub lightly, don’t use too much force. If you put too much into it, you’ll end up scratching the glass.