You could own a house or a building where home windows are high and hard-to-access. This matter of extreme elevation prevents you from cleaning the windows on a regular basis. In such situation you need to hire professional window cleaning services.

Although window cleaning sounds as quite a fairly easy task, but actually it isn’t. If the windows reaches a considerable level then it might be quite risky to completely clean them. However, professional window cleansing agents are expert and can do the job for you without getting engaged in any risk or accidents. The professional cleansing agents have experience and equipment that makes their work easy and excellent results are generated.

Here are some points that you should think about while hiring professional windows cleaners.

Get Price Quotations

Professional window cleaners as well available for cellphone enquiries. The cleaners may also ask you few questions like number, size, type, condition and location/accessibility of windows to be cleaned. A cheap estimate will be sent by the professional cleaner, if the windows are less in number, made of common materials and are easily accessible.

For much more complex jobs for your home, specialist cleaners usually give an approx quotes on the phone and provide an in depth quote for a particular job only after the cleaner makes a thorough inspection of the window. This comprehensive inspection is completed by the cleaner to ascertain if the window cleaning job will require any special solutions or equipment.

Just how Price Is Quoted?

You will hardly find expert home window cleaners quoting their price based upon the number of windows to be cleaned out. Generally, they’ve a simple minimal cost charged which can change depending on size or how easily accessible the glass windows are. Some cleaners can also charge an extra amount for storm windows, displays, etc.

Prepare Your Home For The Cleaning Process

Ensure that you make arrangements for the cleaning task and remove whatever may obstruct the work of the professional windowpane cleaner. Although some cleansing agents may help you in clearing the obstruction or moving the furniture, but others may not. It is advisable that you move the products beforehand, so that the cleaning process and time is not wasted. Qualified cleaners will handle the floor with special covering to avoid any stains from a possible spill for cleaning solutions.

Time Required For Window Cleaning

Competent Window Cleaners will usually inform you to put aside a complete working day for the cleaning work. It is difficult to set an exact time to get it done as there are many factors which may affect the cleaning process and so on factors are difficult to be foreseen at the beginning.

Hire Certified Purifiers Only

It’s strongly advised that you should only hire qualified and accredited window cleaners for the most powerful results.


The problem of the indoor humidity is a naturally occurring phenomenon which requires the ongoing efforts and precautions for maintaining the home. Other than maintaining the optimally functioning electrical systems in the house, some of the common solutions for lowering the humidity levels include-

  • Keeping the house windows clean: Windows are meant to be clean and clearly seen through as well as to allow natural light to come inside the house. Dirty windows not only bring negative energy to the house but also put the residents to severe health risks. In order to keep your windows clean and shiny, it’s essential to wash the windows properly and do all the repair works timely such as roofs, flooring etc to keep the moisture levels down.
  • Proper air Circulation: It is important to note that well-circulated air dries faster than having a stagnant air flow in the homes. For this reason, make sure that your ceiling fans are set to summer or winter rotation for optimal usage and proper circulation of the air.
  • Reduction of the moisture levels: It is essential to take necessary measures for the moisture reduction by ways such as opening the windows to maintain moisture levels, or to use throw rugs in order to create a barrier between a drafty basement and hard flooring.

If these methods do not work, immediately call professional window cleaning companies for getting the cleaning and test done for excessive moisture. Sometimes, just cleaning or adjusting the HVAC system can eliminate the moisture and the humidity problem.



When it comes to the cleaning of the house, window cleaning is one of the most important areas. Windows are meant to be clean and clearly seen through as well as to allow natural light to come inside the house. Dirty windows not only bring negative energy to the house but also put the residents to severe health risks. In order to keep your windows clean and shiny, it’s essential to wash the windows properly.

Some of the best window-cleaning tips are discussed below-

  • Maintain the right cleaning order: It is imperative to clean each of the house windows in a specific order, preferably from top to bottom. Following this organized way prevents the dripping water or cleanser situation while cleaning.
  • Invest in quality cleaners: To have the clean, strain free windows, use the quality window cleaners or hire a professional window cleaning company such as USS Remora. USS Remora is a nationwide Window Cleaning company in Australia with the expertise in the window cleaning for residential and commercial spaces.
  • Use the right tools: Window cleaning is an intricate task which requires the use of right tools and equipment to do the job properly. Tools such as squeegees will not only make your window washing experience faster and easier but also provide long lasting solutions.
  • Use the window cleaning kits to clean the outside: Cleaning your windows from the outside can be a daunting task. This task can be made easier using the cleaning kits available in retail stores.

Other than the above tips, make sure to use clean paper towels for windows cleaning in the day –to-day life.

Photos. Here are some photos of the beautiful girl.

One is of her logo and the other of her sailing through the waters.

Aint she beautiful. We are sad to have her be decommissioned, but she will always be remembered.

SO what is a tench-class submarine, just like the USS Remora. Well

A Tench-Class submarine was a type of sub built specifically for the United States Navy from 1944 to 1951. They were a new improved designed over previous models which included the Gato and Balao classes. With only a small increase in overall weight (40 tons) they were able to be stronger and have an improved internal layout, in addition to more fuel possibilities.

With more fuel available the USS Remora went from being able to travel 11000 nautical miles to 16000. Initially there were to be 84 Tench Class subs to be built. However, after the realization that the US would not need that many to defeat Japan, 55 of them were cancelled. The remaining 29 subs were commissioned between 1944 and 1951.

Here are some of the specifications of the USS Remora. Now the USS Remora did undergo some modifications and improvements over her time of service and You can have a look at the differences here:

Initial construction and release in 1945.

Displacement: 1,570 tons (1,595 t) surfaced
2,414 tons (2,453 t) submerged
Length: 311 ft 8 in (95.00 m)
Beam: 27 ft 4 in (8.33 m)
Draft: 17 ft (5.2 m) maximum

Guppy II (first modification 1947)

Displacement: 1,870 tons (1,900 t) surfaced
2,440 tons (2,480 t) submerged
Length: 307 ft (93.6 m)
Beam: 27 ft 4 in (7.4 m)
Draft: 17 ft (5.2 m)

Guppy III (Second modification 1961)

Displacement: 1,870 tons (1,900 t) surfaced
2,440 tons (2,480 t) submerged
Length: 307 ft (93.6 m)
Beam: 27 ft 4 in (7.4 m)
Draft: 17 ft (5.2 m)

As big as this sounds, in comparison it is actually not that big. The comparative submarine being the world’s largest is 175 metres long. Almost double as long as the USS Remora.

Either way however there is little room inside no matter how big it is overall. All quarters of a submarine are small, including your sleeping, operations, mechanics and more. You can expect tight spaces, that require some agility and patience. You certainly would not be able to host a party in a submarine, complete with people, food, drinks, a DJ, a photo booth perhaps, decorations and more.

You would not be able to down grade that to a small gathering either. Subs were never built for comfort they were built for ability. A machine built solely for work and its purpose as an underwater vehicle with missions/tasks backed with purpose.

Welcome to USS Remora .com. Here on this site, we will be providing information and other pieces on the USS Remora (main topic) as well as pieces on other submarines/ocean utilities from the past and the present.

The USS Remora, also known as SS-487 (fancy) was what is known as a trench class submarine (have a look at the next post for trench class submarine) as a part of the United States Navy.

Briefly, the Remora is a fish with a suctorial disk on its head that enables it to cling onto both other fish as well as to ships. The USS Remora (SS-487) was laid down into the depths of the ocean on March 5th 1945 from the Portsmith Navy Yard (Maine). From there a couple of months later on in July (July 12) she was launched.

With Commander Robert Sellars the man with the command, leading the charge. USS Remora was commissioned on the 3rd of January in 1946, and served almost 30 years of service for the United States Navy before being decommissioned on 29 October 1973.